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Disappointments with the iPhone

// March 10th, 2009 // No Comments » // Fun, iPhone

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone is a great piece of kit. With all they hype and all the amazing things the phone can do, I was let down by a few basics that I would have taken for granted with even the cheapest of phones. For example ..

You cant send MMS with an iPhone

What? Yeah, seriously! You can only email photos. You cant even send pictures on the iPhone! It took a while for this to sink in after searching around in the menus. I thought surely this would be a standard part of the kit? Unfortunately not. There is supposedly a way around it. Apparently each mobile phone number has a corresponding email address with its network, so you could email it to this number @ For example, with virgin you would put in the mobile number, with international dialing code, then, and the image should be send to the phone. I have not tried this out however.

You cant take video

Exactly. This is just as bad as not being able to send an MMS. There is an app that you can download for about $15 though. This also raises a complaint that a lot of applications should be standard on the phone, and why should you pay extra for things that are standard on other phones. The downloadable application uses an open source codec so it has been criticized for charging for the app.

Camera is bad quality in low light

I think a flash is a bit overkill on phones to be honest. I just found the quality of low light conditions to be worse on the iPhone than on other mobiles I have seen. Some sort of comparison chart would be good.

Battery life is bad

There are ways to extend the life of the iPhones battery, however, if you want to use the iPod and maybe do a few calls and a little browsing you will have to charge the battery daily.

Apart from all of those the iPod is a cool bit of kit.